She likes bones

Pepper seems to enjoy chewing her bones – they keep her entertained for hours and other than her thinking I’m is after them (I’m not), it’s a perfect way for her to relax. Keeps her off my tail, too.

Meanwhile, I got a brushing this morning. At first I couldn’t decide whether to get off the sofa or not, but the prospect of biscuits and a second breakfast with fish sticks won the day. The hairless one made coffee for the hairy one the other day and the foam came out as a cuboid which was interesting (not as interesting as wombat shit, but I digress).

It was with great excitement the hairless one leapt out to the patio yesterday, mumbling something about taking a photo of the BA A380 he’ll be flying on today. The hairy one commented that it looks like a Star Trek space ship jumping to warp. It does, rather.

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