Busy weekend so far

So Claudia planted the yellow yucca which we look forward to enjoying the benefits of in the next 1-2 years. I added some mulch to the beds so it looks a bit better.

Since Deloitte provides us with a $1k wellbeing benefit every year, I used the remainder of it not yet spent to buy myself a nice bicycle and due to circumstances beyond my control, fell off it :). Bruised arse and a scrape or two but nothing serious of course. The bike is fine :). I need to lower the seat a bit (it was adjusted at the bike store for my height but my sense of balance is not what it was so I need to be able to put both feet firmly on the ground).

Saturday was busy. Dawn 3 mile walk with the dogs, installed the TV mount on the fireplace wall which involved drilling through tile (without incident) and then assembling one of the two items I have for my office.

The OLED TV we have is not that heavy (perhaps 50lbs) but most of that weight is distributed at the bottom so lifting it onto the mount really does require two people plus a third for guidance. That’s scheduled for later this week.

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