Brunch with the Hairless one

After the Hairless and Hairy one took me out to a restaurant last week, the Hairless one suggested we go back for Saturday brunch. This was great for several reasons, not the least of which is a car trip and I get some delightful chicken when I am there.

Then came the chicken. Look at me – I am a German Shepherd, so it takes about 10 seconds to eat this (the Hairless one would like to point out it’s a whole chicken breast) – imagine those purse dogs getting this. Their servants would have to cut it up and it would take them minutes to eat it all.

I was a good girl, of course and it helped that any time someone approached the table (with the Hairless one’s beer or food), I was fed treats to keep me quiet and distracted. I have trained the Hairless one very well, I think.

Here, I am practicing the optimal position for getting a treat. Leaning against the leg so I can relax until the next treat comes. Sometimes I start a low growl which is more like a vibration than a sound – and lo, a treat appears.

Looking forward to next weekend when I will be having more chicken…. The Hairy one is back tomorrow.

3 responses to “Brunch with the Hairless one”

  1. Awwwwwwww chicken


    1. Everyone likes chicken, LOL.


      1. Except the Russians, but fuck those guys.

        When I lived in the UK, we used to buy these really excellent Chicken Kiev and they were one of my favourite dinner – at least once a week we’d have them.


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