Not a happy Sausage

Friends, let me tell you a sorry tail of deception and defeat.

First the deception. As usual, the hairless one said we would go for a car trip, but it got a bit squirrely when the hairy one came too and then she puts on this face cage.

Doesn’t matter that the hairless one has one too. I still don’t like this.

Anyway, we get out at my least favourite place (the vet) to see my least favourite person (the vet) but I am a good girl and don’t bark much. I even get bored and lie down.

Next thing I know, the humans abandon me in this chamber of horrors and I am suddenly feeling sleepy. When I wake, I am horrified to see that the nails I have been cultivating all these months have been trimmed! Stolen!

To be continued.

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