Home at last

Well, the final process of buying our new home went very well. Our closing on Thursday 27th April took all of eight minutes and that morning we brought over some stuff to the new house. Friday was moving day and Olde World Movers of Euless did a fantastic job of transferring everything between houses.

As I write this, three kitchen boxes to unpack and that’s it. I’ve been looking for a good place to put this stuff so there may be some rearranging to be done. The new home has an office/study and we contemplated making it a joint office for us but since we’re often on calls that clash, it made more sense to have the second bedroom as Claudia’s office (and sewing room and Sage’s Lounge!) and I have the office for my stuff. Worked out great so far. I have the shorter commute to the coffee machine by a few feet 🙂

Nice to be settled in. I have to sort out the home theatre kit and put it in a rack – that task is pending whilst I schedule having some speaker cabling professionally installed. Yes, it’s a 19″ rack on wheels – but it has the essentials – power conditioning and great air flow thanks to top/bottom fans. Eventually I’ll be sticking a rack mounted compute server in the bottom so it needs it.

The dogs have settled in well and after a few days of Sage parading her anxiety, things have calmed down and she knows this is her new place. Relaxed enough that she can go onto the patio and take a nice long nap.

Installed some solar lights around the plant beds so it’s a nice welcome place to come home to at night.

2 responses to “Home at last”

  1. Anna R Varney Avatar
    Anna R Varney

    A ha! Very nice! Congratulations on your new home 😀


  2. Nice looking place! Glad humans and the hairy ones all found their niche.


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